Fashion Crafty Shop Policies

Store Policies

Prices, Refunds, & Exchanges
Prices is subject to change without notice. All sales are final! 
There is no refund or exchanges.
We wrap and package all product(s) carefully so that it arrives to you in excellent condition.

To place an order: select the product you want, copy and paste the product(s) 
you want and email us with your order. Please include quantities, first & last name, 
& address. After you have done that you will send a money order of the 
amount of the product(s) you are ordering as well as the shipping.
See Divas & Lil Divas Fashion Crafty Shop 
for shipping rates.

About the Products
All products are put together by Divas & Lil Divas
we here at Divas & Lil Divas do not claim any rights to products such as:
nail polish, lipgloss, lip balm, teddy bears, or things of this nature. We create gift packaging, cards/card sets, boxes, purses, party favors, scrapbooking kits, gift sets & things of this nature.

Thank you,
Divas & Lil Divas